Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Open Broadcaster Studio and FFMpeg binaries for Ubuntu 14.10

A couple of days ago I posted a compile guide for Open Broadcaster Studio and FFMpeg. Today I present to you binary packages. They were compiled on Ubuntu 14.10 for 64-bit CPUs.

You need both .deb's to run OBS, so grab 'em and install.

FFMpeg Binaries .deb package from my Google Drive

OBS Binaries .deb package from my Google Drive

The above packages work great on my system, but your mileage may vary. If they don't work then try starting them form the terminal and see what's missing. Or leave a comment, I'll help where I can.

HD Homerun Prime Config GUI for Ubuntu Linux

I had the need for Silicon Dust's HD Homerun configuration app on my Ubuntu Linux box. Silicon Dust makes it readily available but it's only as source from their site. I was feeling pretty nice and compiled it up for anyone else who needs the app. Basically it allows you to upload new firmware, scan channels and open them in VLC. It's pretty bare bones but does work.

After installing you'll need to start it from a terminal. There is no desktop shortcut for the app. So pop open a terminal and enter hdhomerun_config_gui. If it starts up then great, if not make sure you have the gtk+1.2 libraries installed.

If you're searching for HDHomerun Prime configuration software for Linux this might help. If you're looking for a way around the QAM channel encryption this will NOT help. I know, it's a bummer.

Download deb Package from my Google Drive