Thursday, April 13, 2023

Notes for my venture into Playstation 3 custom firmware (CFW)

These are some notes I've gathered about what can be done after installing CFW on my Playstation 3. This is by no means a guide. If you have need of this information or are searching then it may be of help. Out of context the post is pretty useless.

ps3 browser exploit

The exploit is a troublesome to get working. The chances of getting it on the first try are very slim. Do not get discouraged it will eventually take.

nopaystation and pkgi ps3

The PS3 installable nopaystation is called PKGi PS3. This installs on the PS3 itself and once configured provides the same function as nopaystation. PKGi PS3 uses the same TSV databases as nopaystation. 

PKGi PS3's github page is located at

nopaystation (and it's TSV databases) can be found

The PS3 games and dlcs TSV databases should be downloaded from the nopaystation homepage. Once downloaded rename them to pkgi_games.txt and pkgi_dlcs.txt respectively. After installing PKGi PS3 on your PS3 you should ftp to the PS3 and go to the path /dev_hdd0/game/NP00PKGI3/USRDIR and upload both text file databases. Restart your PS3 for good luck.

The PKGi PS3 icon is under Network on the XMB

pkgi ps3 icon on the xmb