Saturday, July 6, 2013

Dolphin Emulator 3.5 Fedora 19 Build Instructions

This little ditty is based on the official Dolphin Emulator Linux build guide located at . The official guide is for Debian, Ubuntu and variants. This one is NOT, it's for Fedora 19.


Dolphin Emulator runs on 32 and 64 bit Fedora 19 installs. The below instructions explain how to build Dolphin Emulator on Fedora 19 using the cmake system.

Setting up to Build

First you'll need to install the libraries to compile Dolphin Emu. Use the below yum commmand to install all of them.

yum install git cmake-fedora gcc-c++ wxGTK-devel SDL-devel Cg bluez-libs-devel readline-devel alsa-lib-devel pulseaudio-libs-devel libao-devel glib2-devel openal-soft-devel ffmpeg-devel glew-devel lzo-devel portaudio-devel pango-devel

Next you'll want to pull down the source.

git clone dolphin-emu

Next you'll want to change into the created directory:

cd dolphin-emu

Later if you want to update your local source issue the command:

git pull origin


Create a build subdirectory, and change into it:

mkdir Build && cd Build

Configure the build:

cmake ..

You may also want to change the install prefix by adding "-D CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/new/path". Note that this path does not need to be absolute. cmake will complete it to its absolute equivalent. The default prefix is "/usr". This means that the executable will be installed as "/usr/bin/dolphin-emu", the plugins will be installed into "/usr/lib/dolphin-emu", and the shared data files will be installed into "/usr/share/dolphin-emu".

From here build and install in the standard make way:

make && make install

Note that you may need superuser privileges for the last command.

Running Dolphin

You can run dolphin from anywhere by typing:


If you changed the prefix and $prefix/bin is not in your path, then you will have to precede this with the path to the executable.


  1. Hi Jeremy! I'm a new Linux user. I can't figure how make work the "Building" section from this tutorial. Can you help?
    The cmake do not work here.

  2. This guide also works for Dolphin Emu 4.x and Fedora 20.

    RaulBotêlho, The build section isn't very clear, my apologies. I'll edit it in the next few days for clarity's sake. Hopefully we can get you building and in the game :)