Wednesday, February 29, 2012

PCSX2 MAC OS X via Wineskin

Although there is a native build of PCSX2 for Mac OS X it is dated. So I built an app bundle via wineskin using the latest *stable* Windows binary of PCSX2 (0.9.8-r4600). The results were to my liking, therefore I made this incredibly BORING video of the emulator running the intro to Final Fantasy X. The game is rendered to the screen in a resolution of 720p and looks very nice. Especially compared to the original on a legit PS2. I used the ZeroGS and ZeroSPU2 plugins for video and sound. 

I played the game itself for about 30 mins and only noticed very small graphical anomalies.

Dolphin Emulator -
PCSX2 PS2 Emulator -
Mac PCSX2 Native App -

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Holy hell, It's the Dolphin Emulator! Man, I love this thing. It plays Nintendo Gamecube and Wii games at better than native speeds with enhanced graphics and sound. Just obtain an ISO of a game you already own, point the emulator to it and *BAM* instant console fun. As you can see I'm playing the original Gamecube Animal crossing in this screen shot. Complete with filtered graphics and increased resolution. For game control, Dolphin supports real Wii remotes for Wii games via bluetooth. Although I'm using it mainly for Gamecube games with a wired Xbox360 control pad. It works great. I'm so happy ^_^

Get Dolphin from their home site (mac and windows). Also available for Linux.

Screenshots @ 720p

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Change en1 to en0 - Mac OS X

I had the problem when loading my Hack Mac that the wi-fi card always grabbed onto en0 and my built in ethernet always defaulted to en1. This cause all kinds of problems with using Apple's internet based services like the App Store, Facetime, and iCloud. These services require your built in ethernet port to be en0. To make the swap I had to go in and delete the following 2 files.


After you delete the two files reboot your computer and it should automatically regenerate them with en0 being correct. That's pretty much it.