Sunday, July 28, 2013

PPSSPP v0.8.1-861-g408499c for Ubuntu Linux 13.10

I compiled up a build of PPSSPP version 0.8.1-861-g408499c for Ubuntu 13.10. All you need to do is decompress the tar.gz archive and run the PPSSPPSDL executable. It *SHOULD* fire up and just work. Note there is no audio decoder plugin for linux, so sorry I don't have one.

Download Here

NOTE: I compiled this on a 64-bit system. So it should be a 64-bit executable.


  1. Sorry terminal noob here but how do I run the executable?

  2. Normally you should be able to decompress the archive and then double click on PPSSPPSDL in your file manager. The file should have it's execution bit set already. In theory, that is. If it doesn't fire up it might not have it's execution bit set. To set the execution bit and make it seen as a program you just need to right click on PPSSPPSDL and choose properties. It should pop a window up with some tabs in it, you'll want to click on the 'Permissions' tab and at the bottom place a check next to 'allow executing file as program'. Close the window and try double clicking on the PPSSPPSDL file again. You can also open a terminal and drag the PPSSPPSDL file into the terminal window and hit enter to start it. This way might be preferred as it'll give you feedback in the terminal window about why it might not be starting.

    Just out of curiosity, what version of Ubuntu are you running? I'm installing 13.04 in a virtual machine right now to test the archive out to see if there is a problem.

  3. I appreciate this man, thank you so much :)